What are the 4 levels of product management?

Explore the concept of a Level 5 product manager, the highest level in product management, and what it takes to climb the ladder in this field.

What is Level 5 product manager?

Product management: Level 5 Acts as product owner/champion for one or more products or services. Manages the full product life cycle to ensure that customer/user needs are met and that financial and other targets are achieved. Selects, adopts and adapts appropriate product development methods, tools, and techniques.

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What is the highest level of product manager?

However, in a large organization, a chief product officer is the most senior product expert responsible for the product teams, processes, and delivery of tasks. They manage multiple product managers and oversee product strategy, product architecture, and end-to-end product execution.

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What is the next position after product manager?

If you remain on the product manager career path, the next step would be a leadership role, like director of product, VP of product, or chief of product. In addition to product manager duties, you’d also take on supervisory and managerial responsibilities.

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