What are good examples of hypothesis statements?

Explore the fundamental concept of a hypothesis statement, its role in research and how to construct one with real-life examples. Gain a deeper understanding of this pivotal part of scientific study.

What is a hypothesis statement?

Simply put, a hypothesis statement posits the relationship between two or more variables. It is a prediction of what you think will happen in a research study. A hypothesis statement must be testable. If it cannot be tested, then there is no research to be done.

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What is an example of a hypothesis statement in an essay?

A simple hypothesis is the most common one to use in college papers. It predicts the direct relationship between two variables β€” one dependent and one independent, β€” so write a simple hypothesis with an β€œif-then” format. For example: If a postpartum woman has low hemoglobin, then she gets higher risk of infection.

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What is a simple hypothesis with example?

Simple Hypothesis It shows a relationship between one dependent variable and a single independent variable. For example – If you eat more vegetables, you will lose weight faster. Here, eating more vegetables is an independent variable, while losing weight is the dependent variable.

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