How do you write epics in product management?

Explore the world of agile project management through understanding epics, their difference with user stories, and their place in the product backlog.

What are epics in agile?

What is an agile epic? An epic is a large body of work that can be broken down into a number of smaller stories, or sometimes called “Issues” in Jira. Epics often encompass multiple teams, on multiple projects, and can even be tracked on multiple boards. Epics are almost always delivered over a set of sprints.

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What is the difference between epics and stories in product management?

Stories, also called “user stories,” are short requirements or requests written from the perspective of an end user. Epics are large bodies of work that can be broken down into a number of smaller tasks (called stories). Initiatives are collections of epics that drive toward a common goal.

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Are epics in the product backlog?

Generally, features or epics consist of multiple Product Backlog items, each adding to the feature or epic. The delivery of a complete epic or feature can span multiple Sprints. Many tools, such as Jira and TFS, include this optional way to organize work in the Product Backlog.

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