How do you break into customer success with no experience?

Explore the significance of customer success management in the booming SaaS sector, the career prospects it offers, and the necessary skills and experience to make a mark in this domain.

Is customer success in demand?

As the SaaS industry is currently flourishing (it’s projected to experience its largest annual growth between 2021 and 2022, reaching a value of $171.9 billion), the demand for Customer Success Managers is also steadily increasing (currently, CSM is one of the fastest-growing job roles).

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Can you become a customer success manager with no experience?

In order to become a customer success manager, you’ll need to gain relevant work experience that prepares you for the job.

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What do I need to get into customer success?

Customer success managers often begin in customer success associate or specialist roles. For starters, you’ll need to show an interest in and ability to understand customer needs. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills help too, as well as experience in a customer-facing role.

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Can you make good money in customer success?

These roles are a clear career path after 1+ years as a CSM and typically pay in the $120k-$175k range. Or CSMs can move into team leadership roles which are a similar range with a pathway to Director of CS or VP of CS at a startup which often pay in the $150k to $250k range.

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What are the 3 C’s of customer success?

From years of helping companies improve their customer experience, I’ve seen that it always comes down to three C’s: Champions, Culture, and Communications. These fundamentals also apply to managing major change – which is often what’s needed to make a measurable impact in your customer experience.

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